08 maio 2010


Local: Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Permanente - Oil & Gás - 06/05/2010

Sobre nosso cliente
Our Client is the leading supplier of drilling fluid systems in the World.

Reporting to the Country Manager your main responsabilities are:

- Develope of the Production Waste Management business for Brazil;
- Provide overall direction and assistance to staff;
- Continuos liaison with regional and local staff as well as customers;
- Provide our customer with excellent standards in equipment and personnel to ensure maximum profits and satisfaction at minimum cost capacity;
- Technical support for regional and local staff on technical designs, integrating new technologies, troubleshooting, R&D liaison.

Perfil desejado
In this position we're looking for a candidate with an Engineer Degree; must possess strong technical capabilities, solid oil and gas industry knowledge and field experience with Production Waste Management & Water Treatment Operations.

The candidate should have experience with both onshore and offshore operations and regulatory issues relating to oil wastes, produced water, slop/sludge sources, cuttings handling, treatment and disposal. A strong knowledge of mechanical and chemical separation processes as well as laboratory testing protocols and separation techniques.

Referência : PDSO76609

Seu currículo será analisado por Daniel Soares

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