12 outubro 2010


International company based in Macaé searches for a Controller/Finance Manager, to join the company start up in Brazil. 

Shipping Control and Schedule.
Local Logistics Control and Schedule.
Overall CUTI Cost \ Cash Advance \ Payment Approval & Control.
DRE – Financial Result - Monthly Basis
Putting together the information since the beg of operations.
Commercial Proposals \ Hire Agreement
Rental \ Return Reports – Daily Basis.
Units Availability \ Rental Statistics Control – Daily Basis.
Decision if to use CUTI System or develop an Excel Control.
Implement Accounting Procedures with Accounting Firm
Implement SOS TI Systems to support financial control.

Candidates must have:
- Fluent English
- Experience as Controller or Financial Manager, Coordinator in oil & gas companies

Interested must send cv in english with pretension salary to: phameister@swiftwwr.com

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