15 janeiro 2011


Position Summary

Interacts with Vessel Managers within the team structure, for purchasing all consumables and spare parts for a designated group of vessels and for ensuring the purchasing procedures, as laid out in Teekay’s manuals and policies, are followed.

Planning Responsibilities – (Plan)

Where applicable, use Teekay frame agreements as per contract matrix whenever possible and as advised by Procurement Services.Determining the vessel supply port and discussing the supply strategy with the Voyage Manager / Vessel Manager, as necessary, to ensure supply at most convenient / economical port.

Arranging freight as required.Participating in budget and quarter-end preparation.
Operational Responsibilities – (Do)
Treat safety and environmental compliance as a top priority.

Receiving and processing purchase requisitions from vessels for consumables and spare partsObtaining quotations from approved suppliers and placing priced orders with overall most competitive sources, negotiating best possible prices and obtaining the approvals from vessel managers and team leaders as required.Consolidation of orders in order to minimize transportation and handling costs.Using contracted freight forwarder’s system for regular tracking and order consolidation.Maintaining and developing good professional relationships with all suppliers.Acting as the purchasing professional in the team addressing areas, which potentially can benefit from purchasing coordination / review by Planning and Performance Group.Performance Monitoring Responsibilities – (Check)

Expediting and following up on orders with suppliers ensuring that the stipulated delivery times are met and, if / when missed, are addressed in a timely manner. Ensure all items are supplied to the vessel with the required certificates and documentation.Providing frequent updates of backorders to vessels and Vessel Managers as relevant.Following up on forwarding of bulk orders and subscriptions.Ensuring that all invoices are in agreement with the established terms and conditions.Ensuring that data in purchasing systems is current at all times.

Responsibilities for Driving Improvement – (Act)

Ensuring that all requisitions are handled in a timely manner, paying special attention to urgent requisitions..

Notifying the vessel and the port agent of all orders that have been arranged for upcoming calls. Utilizing Teekay’s common stocks as appropriate and agreed with vessel managers.Reviewing and resolving disputes with suppliers concerning price / quality / quantity of goods supplied to the vessel, before the invoice is paid.Monitoring and reporting supplier developments, including new products, acquisitions and performance.Requirements (Knowledge, Skill and Abilities):

Analytical, problem solving, time management and decision making skills.

Ability to respond positively to customers in an effective manner.

Demonstrates teamwork, interpersonal and communications skills.

Proficient in Microsoft Office applications.

Knowledge and experience in purchasing operations, preferably from the marine industry.

Proficient in Portuguese and English.

Interessados devem enviar CV em inglês o mais breve possivel para tatiana.roizenblit@lemcon.com

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